Zoom Like A Pro

Zooming! So…who saw this coming and you’re lying if you said you did.

Zoom meetings. Zoom parties. Zoom conferences. Zoom assemblies.

Well guess what? Online connections have quickly become a part of our lives. Kick and scream all you want, but you can’t change the times we’re living in. The new normal will be here for a while. A recent survey suggested that two thirds of all companies may work from home forever.

Our solution? Embrace the ‘new normal’ (we mean…what are our options😊).

It’s not like we haven’t been on this journey before. Look at music for example. What helped us sing like rock stars on road trips?  First, there were 8-tracks, then came cassette tapes, and later, CDs. Now we have…streaming. Those are some huge changes when you think about it.

We know. This isn’t just updating your sound equipment. It’s a lifestyle change that features things called ‘ZOOM’, WhatsApp, and GoToMeeting. These little on-line adventures broadsided us like a tsunami. As we unexpectedly dove into the “zoom age”, we saw countless nostrils, tonsils, and all sorts of undiscernible body parts. There were “on-screen” moments that we can neither take back… or ever erase from our minds (ALWAYS check your video and think of the camera’s view folks).

On the positive side, we’ve embraced a new sense of fashion freedom at work. Like…ties don’t look so bad with flipflops, and a silk blouse can really dress up a pair of sweats. Choosing the ‘off video feature’ allows for uncounted bathroom visits, undetected yawns, and last-minute answer searches so your contributions are even MORE meaningful.

Glass half-filled…this part rocks.

So, to make you a ‘zoom-age-pro’, we’ve included some hacks to make your meetings smoother. Hand’s free, confusion free, klutz free, and happy.

Tired of propping up your phone or tablet with boxes and planters? People have recommended this to us time after time.


Hands free tablet-phonengs!








And for computers, make eye-level contact during the meeting with this stand. 







If you like a lighter sleeker look try this laptop stand with riser!








For a talk, presentation, demonstration or just want better lighting for a professional look (Broadcasting from home). Nice, easy and inexpensive! 




Can you imagine life without a great pair of earphone’s a pair with great recommendations.









How about a great inexpennoise reduction if you you don’t like wires!






Some of us are on-screen more than others. So for those VIP famous folks there’s this. 









                                   Hope this makes your  ZOOM life run smooth as butter!




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  1. I agree with you Judy. Very informative and entertaining! Keep safe everyone. Justmom💞

  2. Such a great post. Informative and entertaining. Very helpful ideas too!. Thank you.

  3. Super cute post! I love the reminder to check our facebook video! Oh and make sure we have on pants! HA HA HA… will be looking into some of these products!

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