Attitude Makes Us Heroines

Five Happy Sisters

Attitude ladies. Fake it till you make it.

Here’s why the I-can-do-anything attitude helps you triumph over the toughest of situations.

Our lives are streamlined with conveniences.

We have a billion more ‘consumer helps’ than our grandmothers.  Stuff to do everything but wipe a baby’s bottom.

Life’s so easy we should be sailing toward the sunset, sipping champagne and looking for whale tails.


whales tail in slapping the water
              Who doesn’t dream of spotting a whale’s tail?


But here’s the truth.

People are disoriented. Stuck in reactive instead of a proactive. They’re not sailing anywhere. They’re bobbing through life in boats without oars.

Our solution?

Find direction! Like, who’s got the time to be slammed around by waves all day?

Not us. Not you.

So, first off, separate from the other aimless boats so they don’t block your view.


circle of sailboats in a harbor.
Bust away from these guys or you won’t get anywhere!

Next, identify your destination. You need to explain to yourself exactly where you’re headed. Your ship won’t magically land there without a map.

Now select your course and cover some distance.

Every day.

A little farther.

That’s how explorers discovered the world you know.

Remember too, these adventurers were prepared well for their journey. They knew storms would push against them and they didn’t want to lose their way.


Neither do we.

So besides researching and clearly defining our destination and setting the best course, what else can we do?

ATTITUDE.  Get it on board right away!

Attitude is the wind in our sails. It pushes us through storms, and keeps our pace steady.

Here’s a simple, easy to understand example of what kind of attitude we’re talking about.



That’s right.

Think Natasha the Black Widow, Rita of Edge of Tomorrow, and Princess Leia of Star Wars.

No… We don’t want to shoot up other worlds. We hate violence.

We’re talking about female inspired attitude.

Let’s focus on Natasha. What a capable lady. Her male friends have amazing instruments that help them fight for justice.

Thor grabs a flying hammer.

Captain America uses an impenetrable shield.

Iron Man wears an iron rocket-suit.

And what super-weapon does Natasha get?

None. No bullet-proof wristbands. No sleeves with webs. No flying capes. She slips into a holy-Moley-I-can’t-breath skin-tight bodysuit of Spandex. She saves humanity with a rigorous triple-flips, karate-kicks and a ton of …



And that’s not all. She fights all the impossible odds in platform heels.

Do you see where we’re going here?

Here’s another fun fact you might not have considered…But should.

You’re already a heroine.

Don’t you guard your world against the forces of evil?

Protect yourself and your family?

Guide them through tough situations, hardships and dangers?

Don’t they depend on you for safety? For security? 


The only difference?


Your world is real (and thankfully, you don’t need to where Spandex 24/7).

So, get tougher with ATTITUDE! Load it on your ship first, set your course, and start sailing!


(We’ve selected a couple of books that may help put wind in your sales. One by Seth Godin called Linchpin:Are You Indispensable and another by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale called The Power of Positive Thinking: 10 Traits For Maximum Results.


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