Into Volunteer Work? Here’s Some Tips.

Saturday morning and it’s time to get up for some volunteer work! Come on! You’ll feel great afterward!

And we’re here to help (logistically speaking). Your heart’s already in the right place…But how about some high-tech to smooth your process though that thick front door?  

Like… if your eyes don’t automatically pop open at 7 A.M. to get started, this might help. Wake up to any type of music you like and use your favorite inspirational song for motivation! Also voice control your smart home – Turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors and more. Just get moving!

And if you like alittle ‘intel’ to start your day, the Amazon Echo and Alexa with a display allows you to get weather updates, the news, manage your calendar (and hours), make to-do lists, skype, watch T.V., movies and listen to audio books. All while you’re showering and primping to look sharp.

But what about the kids? Maybe they’re not as keen on facing that glorious day of service-sunlight as you are. 

little J.W. Boy ready for service.

Well…add cheaper Amazon dots in their rooms too and then you have an an intercom system! Ta-da! If the music doesn’t shake them from their cocoons, your lively words of encouragement will!

Okay, so we know you’ve been doing this for years. Decades perhaps. And we get it. The routine is second nature. But times are changing and life is increasingly hectic soooo…We’ve collected ADDITIONAL items (recommended by friends like you) that are usefull in making a service day run smooth as butter.

And VERY popular on the list:

1. Coffee. Program it the night before and have it ready to go! And put it into a good mug.

2. With cup in hand, gaze into the mirror (not like James suggests in deep self-examination…just the superficial fluff-thing you do to face the public) and apply sunscreen! This is the #1 dermatologist recommended sunscreen brand. If you decide to move onto make-up, these  selections are the “Queens of Value’, tried and true.  Mascara, skin brightener (mix it in your palm with your favorite foundation before you apply) and all-day lipstick.

Secret flash tip! To make lipstick last really really really long (as in overnight) apply liner all over lips first, then add face powder or eye shadow, and finally, lipstick).


If you’re a guy, you’re fortunate. Just shave, brush your teeth and comb your hair.


Funny dog J.W.
Unless you wake up looking like this guy. Then more effort will be needed.











Another Secret flash tip! Most effective, cheapest and healthiest make-up removal -product is (drumroll please)..Olive oil!


2. Best Service dress ever. If your legs are unprepared to meet new faces, or the chicken wings you ate last night are nesting happily on your hips, these stylish but comfortable selections are great!

3. Durable service bag (for women). Lots of room for everything…phone, tissues, clothes pins, tape measure, socket wrench, whatever you deem worthy. Carry it all without imitating an IRS agent, or even worse, appear like you’re moving in.  

4. Comfortable shoes so your feet don’t want to quit before you do!

5. Our favorite tablet along with our favorite speaker for videos, demonstrations and presentations.

6. Stay hydrated out there! We’re big fans of this water jug… Because when we’re out 12 hours in the summer-time heat, we need it! Okay. Just joking. Still, it’s a great thermos! 

7. Lunch box. You can’t do fast-food-pit-stops everyday and stay alive. So here’s to healthy snacks!

8. Scarf to dress up your jacket. In case you’re part of our worldwide family from the colder lands. 


We love you dear friends for stopping by and helping to support us! Agape and big hugs from all of us volunteers to all of you! Have a great service day!



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  1. Respect to all the volunteers. Hands down to multitasking. Your writing is inspirational. keep writing

    1. Thanks Jos! We appreciate the time you gave us! Keep volunteering!

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