Want to Crush It? Think Like an Eagle Not A Duck

Eagle with vision

Want some outstanding advice that can change your life from mundane to amazingly better?

Be an eagle. Not a duck.

Super simple. Stay with us and we’ll show you what we mean.

You see, eagles take in the big picture. Past, present, future. They see all the dangers and all the opportunities. They make calculated decisions.

They swoop.

They conquer.

This is important. 

Eagles of the wild, have huge eyes that take up 50% of their head. They can spot prey three miles away, which means they see 4 to 5 better than the average person. To keep their sight crystal sharp, they blink every three seconds to clear the eye of dust. Their eyelid is thin, so the eagle still keeps his vision even when blinking. 



Human eagles have outstanding vison too and are able to see beyond obstacles. They rise above problems to grasp the greater view of how to solve difficulties and overcome challenges. They’re alert to their own needs and spot what they want. When a goal presents itself, they stay focused with clear eyesight until it’s within in their talons (I mean, fingers). 

They’re experts in finding creative ways to dive and conquer. 

Unfortunately, eagles are rare.

But ducks?

They’re everywhere.



Ducks and inspiration not to be a duck.
                 So many ducks in the world!


Unlike eagles that soar with vison, ducks walk in lines and look neither right or left. Think outside the box? No way! They quack their way through life with a thousand reasons of why “They can’t”.

Some prefer to hire ducks because they’re easy to control. The Lost Baggage Department of any airline and understaffed call centers are endless ponds of quacking ducks.

If a duck tries too hard to become an eagle in the wrong job, one of three things will happen…

      They gets their wings clipped

      They free themselves from the quack pond and leave

      They’re promoted to a problem-solving department where their              unstoppable skills become lucrative 


Ducks do what’s easy, not what’s best.

Eagles do what’s best, not what’s easy.

Plus, everyone LOVES an eagle.


What happens after you encounter an eagle after being smothered by ducks in a customer service department?

You just want to grab that bird and hug it silly!

The key to success at anything…a new business, art, writing, being a mom, wife, husband, friend, traveler, entrepreneur, spiritual person, happy employee, whatever… is learning to think, see, and focus like an eagle.

Not a duck.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an eagle by nature.


But if you’re identify more with ducks…grow a pair of wings!

Being an eagle is a skill that can be learned, practiced, polished and perfected.

And it’s worth it. When you’re an eagle, dreaded obstacles become challenges.


Stepping stones!


Man focusing like an eagle.


And once you feel that eagle fearlessness, confidence and success…you’ll never return to ducking again. 

Some additional input to get you started. 

Here’s two self help books we’ve found useful. The Millionaire Next Door (excellent for learning how to save with the right mind-set). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. 

Surround yourself with positive motivation! Here’s a page on amazon with lots of inspirational posters to keep your goals visible!  



36 Replies to “Want to Crush It? Think Like an Eagle Not A Duck”

  1. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this post. First because I have written about lessons we can learn from the eagle based on how they handle change. Second because it is my favorite living creature and if I could I would have it tattooed on me but I am not up for the pain. Third, you made me laugh because “if you identify more with ducks…grow a pair of wings!” is something I would say! Its unfortunate I cannot double like this post but at least you know “veni, vidi, amavi”!! Nice way of thinking.

    1. FAITH! What an inspiring comment for me! YOU make me laugh too… Yes, tattoos hurt. Eagles don’t like pain. Cause that’s what you are! A soaring eagle. Come back anytime. We’re privileged to have you!

  2. Personally, I love ducks, but I totally see your point! 😉 I love your work analogy and this is something I work with my clients a lot on. You are right that many employers prefer ducks and trying to be an eagle in those settings can be terrible. It’s about staying true to ourselves and finding the environment that loves eagles!

    1. Ha Ha Frank! I like ducks too. I just don’t want to be one! Thanks for your comment and support!

  3. Great way to put two types of thinkers into an easy visual! I will be working on my “eagle” skills!

  4. This article made me challenge my thoughts and myself. It is really inspiring.

    1. Monidipa, thanks so much. Challenging ourselves is a good thing! Eleonor Roosevelt had a favorite saying. “Do something everyday that scares you.” I don’t have the desire to do that completely, but I do like to challenge myself!

      1. For years working in a factory I use to compare us to ducks. I was always trying to soar above and find a way out of that mundane work. I love this analogy 🙂 great read!

  5. Such a great post! Very inspirational and a good reminder that we should all soar with the eagles.

    1. Shannan thanks for visiting our site! Soaring is much better than floating.

  6. Inspirational and outstanding post

    1. Hafsa thanks for the complement. Glad you liked it.

  7. Very inspiring post! Love it!

    1. Thanks! Glad hope you find it useful!

  8. I love the analogy of the eagle and duck, be a majestic bird. it is certainly insightful and inspiring.

    1. Thanks for your comment Nina, I’m glad you liked it!

  9. Such an inspirational article! keep writing 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Elizabeth! Shall I let you know when my next book comes out?

  10. This is such a motivating and inspiring post!! I definitely want to be a eagle!!

    1. Thanks Keerthana! I want to be an eagle too!

  11. This is absolutely inspiring! I want to be an eagle! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Renee, we appreciate your comment. Eagles are much better option than ducks!

  12. What a great read! Love the comparison of Eagles and Ducks. Hoping to be an Eagle and set my eyes on the big picture!


  13. Carrie I dig this analogy. So colorful too. Soar high, be an eagle, and prosper.

    1. Thanks Ryan! And Prospering includes everything in life, not just the mullah!

  14. Such an inspiring piece!, focus is the key to succeeding in anything in life. Thanks for sharing this great article.

    1. Thanks for responding John! Without focus we end up running in circles, right?

  15. very good article, I need to read it every day.

    1. Thanks Issam! I’m glad you found it useful.

  16. Love the analogy, I much rather be an eagle and conquer than a duck!

  17. Inspiring! I think I will read this to my students tomorrow.

    1. Ahhh Jessi! Thanks. You’re obviously…an eagle!

  18. Very inspiring. I love the eagle and duck metaphors.

    1. Thanks for your comment Priya!

  19. A very good inspirational article, we want to be eagles not ducks

    1. Thanks for the comment John. Yes, that’s the goal…

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