Big Reasons You Need For Positive Thinking



        THIS is what positive thinking looks like. 


Positive thinking is the emotional twin of happiness.

Positive thinkers are very happy people.

And happy people are very positive thinkers.

Successful people have always raved about the power of positive thinking. Positivity can launch our success faster than the Millennium Falcon. It keeps us inspired, motivated and fuels our progress. Our dreams!

Even better? Anyone can program themselves to see that glass-half-filled instead of half empty! 

Positive thinking is a process and pattern of behavior that can be learned and practiced.

Here’s the completed “bucket list” of a friend who embraces positivity like a bee embraces flowers. 

She says this without reservation…


“Everything I really wanted to do in life, has happened. I don’t look back, and think ‘gee, I wish done this, or tried that…I’m satisfied and extremely grateful.” 


She gives credit first to her God for great principles (finding God, was number one on her bucket list).

Then she gives credit to positive thinking.

Here’s her been-there-done that bucket list.


  1. Live on a beach
  2. Live on a remote mountain
  3. Live by a river
  4. Live in a village
  5. Live on a farm
  6. Live in a foreign country
  7. Live in a big city
  8. Have more quality time with family
  9. Run a successful business
  10. Secure financial freedom
  11. Pursue a love of writing books
  12. Travel to dream lands on different continents
  13. Train elephants with mahout (everyone’s different)
  14. Have a good marriage
  15. Raise good children
  16. Speak another language
  17. Build her own house
  18. Become a hospitality queen
  19. Pursue sports for fun and fitness (scuba, skiing, boogie boarding, hike, parasail whatever…)
  20. Beat cancer
  21. Own a horse
  22. Master cooking
  23. Learn something new everyday.



My friend admits she’s no Einstein.

But she does channel Forrest Gump.





         She loves Forest Gump…because he mastered positive thinking.


Now before you go, “oh yeah, I knew that,” you should understand clearly what a positive mindset has the power to do for you.


Attempting to maneuver life without positive thinking is like building a house with bare hands.






Here’s two definitions of positive thinking. 


  • Positive thinking is a mental attitude where you expect good and favorable results. It’s creating thoughts that transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health, and a happy ending in any situation.
  • Positive thinking employs thoughts words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion, and success. Thinking positive is a way of living and a technique used to change things or accomplish goals. It guides people to success and reverses the damaging effects of negative thinking.


Positive thinking really works!


A Harvard study found that striking a ‘victory pose’ (the kind you see when a runner crosses the finish line) before a job interview, helped applicants to perform better. Those who did not pose and sat hunched with their cell phones while waiting for the interview, did much worse. The ‘victory posers’ experienced momentary hormonal changes. Their testosterone increased, so they were confident, calm and comfortable, while their cortisol decreased, allowing less stress.

Now process that.

If a simple body pose could result in such significant physical and mental changes, imagine what focused thoughts on a daily basis could accomplish!


   Run Forest run!




Still unsure?

Take a look at other findings.

Amy Cuddly, a renowned social psychologist, performed a study and found that power poses could change a person’s performance as well as an onlooker’s perception of the person.

Amy’s suggestion?


“Fake it till you make it.” Or more accurately, “Fake it until you become it.”

In a nutshell, if you want something to happen, pretend you’re already there.

Her own life is an astounding example of how this works.

From her website:


“Amy Cuddy wasn’t supposed to become a successful scientist. In fact, she wasn’t even supposed to finish her undergraduate degree. Early in her college career, Cuddy suffered a severe head injury in a car accident, and doctors said she would struggle to fully regain her mental capacity…”

After Amy’s excruciating accident, her IQ dropped by two standard deviations. It was devastating to Amy because she was known as being intellectually ‘gifted’. At 19 she was withdrawn from college and told she would not have the capacity to graduate.

But she proved them wrong. Today, Cuddy is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, where she studies how nonverbal behavior and snap judgments affect people from the classroom to the boardroom…”


Positive thinking changed the course of Amy’s life in A HUGE WAY.

There are literally millions of examples of this ‘thought pattern’ changing lives for the better. From beating cancer to becoming a CEO of a thriving business.

But you see our point.

CONSCIOUSLY FOCUS on thinking positively and see how fast you can crush your goals.

Check out motivation and inspiration for help! And here’s a great book to get you started.

27 Replies to “Big Reasons You Need For Positive Thinking”

  1. I totally believe in positive thinking! Love the post!

    1. Thanks for your comment Cara Cozy! Glad positive thinking helps you too!

  2. Okay, okay. I can admit that I am a bit of naysayer wrapped in positive packaging. I do think positive thinking can help you achieve what you want. Sometimes I just let negativity take over. It’s the Oscar the Grouch in me (although I act more like Big Bird).

    By the way…your friend’s list of accomplishments is UNREAL. Wow!!!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I’ll tell her you said so. You’re positivity MUST be more powerful than your negativity. But by the way you write, you seem like you truly are a positive person. And your sense of humor? Laughing is the BEST way to keep happy and positive. You’re not fooling me!

  3. I’d love to be able to wake up with mountain views and no neighbors in sight. My parent’s just moved to a farm and it’s so peaceful whenever we visit. You go and sit out on the porch and it’s so serene and you can’t help but feel positive. I think your friend has a point about positivity and location.

    1. Thanks Brittany. I think she likes to try new things. And she definitely likes tranquility. It’s true. Being in certain ‘locations’ make positive thinking easier. But being positive is a mindset. Like the saying, “It’s a way of life, not a destination.”

  4. This is a very inspirational blog post! Being happy and optimists is really good for us. Just like what they say, it’s okay to be sad, but it’s better to be happy. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. Thanks Flyingkids! I love your name by the way! lol. I also love your saying…It’s okay to be be sad, but it’s better to be happy! Thanks for posting.

  5. I needed this today as I my mind has gone to places it shouldn’t. The power of positive thinking is an amazing thing!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Terri. And I’m glad it helped! Keep your day positive!

  6. What an inspirational post and thank you for sharing your friend’s bucket list! I’m always for positive thinking no matter what the situation is.

    1. Thanks for posting HilLesha! My friend is a very happy person. And I’m glad you look for positive in every situation. It’s the only way to go through life.

  7. Very inspirational post on the power of positive thinking and I love the examples you used as well. Its great to see that if others can do it, so can we!

    1. Thanks Frank! Positive thinking has more power than we can imagine!

  8. I’m totally with you on this, positive thinking can make all the difference

    1. Thanks for the post Eileen! Positive thinking changes everything doesn’t it?

  9. Today I have read so much about being positive and surrounding yourself with positivity and not allowing negative words or thoughts invade your mind, heart and soul. It is such an important part of finding peace in life and relationships. I loved reading this post.

    1. Aaaaah! Thanks Jenny! You’re post is inspiring me to stay over-the-top positive today too!

  10. Positive thinking is the key to success! Great article!

    1. Thanks for posting Delux Designs and glad you liked thinking positive!

  11. I have seen how positive thinking has impacted my life in a big way. I totally agree with your points in the post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree John. If you’re trying to do ANYTHING, even the smallest of accomplishments, positive thinking is a force that helps get it done!

  12. I totally agree with you can think that positive thinking can make a huge difference!

  13. Really enjoyed reading your post. I am true believer of Positive thinking. I have been living like this and it has truely impacted my life in more successful ways. Loved the two definitions of Positive Thinking.

  14. I tell my students this everyday! As a math teacher, I totally get that math is hard for a lot of people. Many times though, the students who have internal cheerleaders fare much better overall. Positive thinking really does work in many situations.

  15. Wow! I love your friend’s bucket list; it’s fun and realistic. I always try to remain positive no matter the situation. I’m able to achieve this with daily positive affirmations. Lovely post by the way!

  16. me encanta ..
    muy buen articulo

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