Pressure Cookers. Healthy, Cheap Meals and So Super Fast!

healthy eating with pressure cooker


If someone put a gun to my head and said, “Chose the right appliance or die!”

I’d shout out, “Microwave!” And then, real fast, I’d yell, “I mean, Pressure Cooker!

Yes, Microwaves are fast and convenient. I use the most powerful one I can find.

And I LOVE it…for three reasons.


  1. Re-heating.

    2.  Cooking potatoes.

    3.  And scoring perfect poached eggs. 


But as user-friendly as microwaves are, there’s still a cloud of controversy that hovers over them. You can read Dr. Oz’s report all about “To Nuke or Not To Nuke” as an example.

Sooooo while Microwaves have a questionable rep, my angel “Pressure Cookers”, are leaders in nutritional health.

And here’s the clincher.

They can’t be beat in making complicated dishes into fast, healthy, and delicious meals.  These truly are the lean, mean, cooking machine that shouldn’t be ignored.

There are two fabulous types of Pressure cookers.


1. The traditional tried and true:  Stove Top Pressure Cooker.

2. The Newer, more glamorous:  Electric Pressure Cooker.


I use both an electric pressure cooker and the stove top pressure cooker. And in varying sizes too. This allows me to make several dishes (and meals if I’m prepping for the week) quickly and simultaneously. They save mountains of time, money and clean-up!

Understanding how pressure cookers work and why they’re so great is pretty easy. They’re reinforced pots with airtight lids that increase steam to raise cooking temperatures, trapping all those vitamins and goodness inside.

Smart chef’s have been utilizing this process for centuries.  

And now these little cooking wonders have been redesigned to be more efficient than ever. They cook your meal 4 to 10 times faster than traditional stove top methods. 

If you like cooking, you must experiment with a pressure cooker.

If you’re busy and want to feed your loved ones faster, healthy meals, you should have a pressure cooker on your shelf. Stainless steel is best, because of the high heat factor. 

And last but not least, if you’re a minimalist or an economist, a pressure cooker is wildly smart to invest in. It saves time money and space– as a multi-function pan.



First off, both the electric pressure cookers and the traditional stove top pressure cookers have great, undeniable benefits with varying features. I think of the electric cooker as an attractive easy-handling Mercedes Benz and the stovetop as a multi-functional all terrain vehicle. 



Electric Pressure Cooker:


   a.   They take the guess work out of the mix. Use the settings they recommend              and  boom! You have a foolproof dinner.

   bThey’re quiet.



    a.  They take longer. 

    b.  It’s harder to add ingredients to more complicated meals as you’re cooking. The release valve needs a towel ready if you’re in a hurry and want to release steam quickly. 



Traditional Pressure Cooker


      a.  You can release steam easily under the faucet, no fuss no muss. This helps when wanting to add herbs or other ingredients later.

      b.  They’re super-duper fast.



     a.  They’re noisier.

    b.  There’s a bit more finesse required as it’s not pre-set with a dial. You may have to tweak your recipes and cooking time some.


So if I to chose one appliance to take to a deserted island…or had to reply to a curious guy with a gun, I’d shout out “pressure cooker”. 

And I’d select the durable stove top version that works on campfires.  


There are plenty of free pressure cooker recipes online here, but if you’d also like a convenient go to cookbook in the kitchen here’s a great one for electric pressure cookers and another excellent one for stove top pressure cookers.  



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26 Replies to “Pressure Cookers. Healthy, Cheap Meals and So Super Fast!”

  1. I like to use a pressure cooker. It saves a lot of cooking time. A wonderful post.

    1. Thanks for posting Anatoliy! Glad you like addicted to pressure cookers too!

  2. I haven’t tried electric pressure cooker. But, it sounds more convenient than the other one. As I am afraid to get burned when I open the lid ahead of time. urgh.

    1. Hi Hannah! That’s because in the old days it did explode and there’s a million wives tales floating around. But if learned to use a microwave correctly, you can definitely use a pressure cooker. Microwaves have a ton more rules than a pressure cooker.

  3. I love my pressure cooker, and I use it very often during the week. I think it’s a lifesaver when you’re running from one place to the other and you want to cook something healthy as well.

    1. Thanks for the post Elisabeth! Yep. Pressure cookers are the greatest appliance for women on the go (and who care about healthy meals too).

  4. I LOOVE pressure cookers!! They are such a timesaver. Wonderful post.

    1. Thanks Monique! I really think its important that women (and men) understand what pressure cookers can do for them.

  5. Thanks for the review. I have heard a lot about the pressure cooker and I was very curious. Thank you so much for sharing this. Thanks for the clarification.

    1. Thanks to you for posting Ladonna! You need to try a pressure cooker yourself!

  6. Thanks for the thorough review! I’ve been thinking about getting one but wasn’t sure – this clarified things for me!

    1. Thanks for posting TessaG! I hope you decide to try a pressure cooker. They’re great for healthy food and they come in all sizes in case you need quick, healthy and smaller meals.

  7. Besides time, is there a difference between the crock pot and pressure cooker as far as taste? I’ve always wanted to know because Sometimes, I forget to start the crock pot at an early time which means dinner is going to be different than what I planned for that day.

    1. Great question Brittany! For me, I don’t see a difference. Sometimes a crock pot can over cook food. Herbs and spices loose their zing. But a Pressure cooker captures everything fast and contains flavors and vitamins very well.

  8. I would have a much more stressful life without my pressure cooker. I love how you can turn it on and leave it to do its thing, especially with my three tiny ones.

    Nicky –

    1. Shiftworkingmum, thanks for posting. Yep, the electric pressure cookers even turn themselves off when it’s time.

  9. I haven’t thought of the importance of pressure cooker. But now that you mentioned it, I might just consider and maybe do more research about it on what kind of recipes I can make with it.

    1. Kam, thanks for posting. You would be shocked how many recipes their are for pressure cookers and how much money they can save you!

  10. Sounds very interesting … we do not have a fast cooker, I do not know if they are available here … probably i think. I’m going to take a closer look for it … it sounds very intriguing because … the fact that it’s all going fast … and I love it fast.

    1. Hi Melissa! Glad you read the article! If you’re a gal on the go, pressure cookers are you go-to appliance. I promise!

  11. I love my pressure cooker, it’s so handy for so many things and a lifesaver at dinner time. Especially with a toddler who is always on the go!

    1. Hi Rikki, Thanks for the support! Pressure cookers are indeed lifesavers!

  12. I love my pressure cooker, it’s so handy for so many things and a lifesaver at dinner time.

  13. I have never used a pressure cooker. I will have to do more research into this. It sounds like it will help with meal planning especially with a busy family.

    1. Hi Terri! There is no doubt. Pressure cookers are exactly what a busy family needs.

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