Tablets: Best Inexpensive Do-ALL Gadget In Electronics!

  Tablets are a crazy-smart buy.  Tablets are THE amazing value‘  in electronics and we absolutely love them. Tablets are an especially wise purchase for families and people with multi-tasking, complicated lives. Tablets can organize your house, your family and your job, like nothing else. Except maybe for a guy name Jeeves. But he’s a lot more expensive.  […]

Pressure Cookers. Healthy, Cheap Meals and So Super Fast!

healthy eating with pressure cooker

  If someone put a gun to my head and said, “Chose the right appliance or die!” I’d shout out, “Microwave!” And then, real fast, I’d yell, “I mean, Pressure Cooker!” Yes, Microwaves are fast and convenient. I use the most powerful one I can find. And I LOVE it…for three reasons.   Re-heating.   […]

Do This And Feel Better Instantly! Soothing Help Fast!

Music heals stress, helps relaxation.

  “Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart… opens.” ― Maria Augusta von Trap   Wow. Great insight Maria von Trap! These words aren’t just poetic. They’re a fact. Studies from around the world support Maria’s statement. So does conventional wisdom. For example. Ever felt blue with nothing to […]

6 Famous People Say Visualization Will Work For You!

Visualization is an insanely powerful tool of influence! It’s racked up a huge following of believers with some very hard-core devotees. Have you heard of the book called, The Secret? It’s sold over 19 million copies worldwide. It teaches that if you concentrate on something you desire–with a sincere conviction– that you’ll receive it. The […]