Into Volunteer Work? Here’s Some Tips.

Saturday morning and it’s time to get up for some volunteer work! Come on! You’ll feel great afterward! And we’re here to help (logistically speaking). Your heart’s already in the right place…But how about some high-tech to smooth your process though that thick front door?   Like… if your eyes don’t automatically pop open at […]

Tablets: Best Inexpensive Do-ALL Gadget In Electronics!

  To us, tablets are a crazy-smart buy.  They’re amazing value in electronics and we absolutely love them. Tablets are an especially wise purchase for families and people with multi-tasking, complicated lives. Tablets can organize your house, your family and your job, like nothing else. Except maybe for a guy name Jeeves. But he’s a […]

Best Amazon Buys Five Happy Sisters

We want to welcome our friends to the Five Happy Sisters! Thanks for taking the time to visit us! We’ve listed some great products on the links below. These selections are tried and true and some of the best ‘value’ buys online.  Shopping isn’t our favorite pastime…so we like to cut through the fuss to […]


Girl looking at a natural disaster fire

Fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, landslides, severe storms, unforeseen attacks, and riots. Images of these catastrophes?   YIKES. Naturally, we ask ourselves, “Can this really happen to me?” That’s a crucial question. And if you’re nodding your head yes, you should continue reading because preparation is everything! I’ve survived two earthquakes, a flash […]

Buy These Five Products On Amazon And Save Big!

Girl happy for saving money on amazon.

    We like Amazon. We like their products. Amazon is huge. Amazon gives people jobs. Amazon makes everything easy. Amazon even seems to care. How can you fight that? Even if it’s really a giant fire-breathing conglomerate? Sure, we wish there was still a family store on the corner…like in the movies…or in small-town-Mayberry. […]