Do This And Feel Better Instantly! Soothing Help Fast!

Music heals stress, helps relaxation.


“Music acts like a magic key, to which
the most tightly closed heart…

― Maria Augusta von Trap


Wow. Great insight Maria von Trap!

These words aren’t just poetic.

They’re a fact.

Studies from around the world support Maria’s statement.

So does conventional wisdom.

For example. Ever felt blue with nothing to do – until your favorite ‘get happy’ song is played? Thoughts brighten as if wired to the Las Vegas strip.

How about finding the energy to begin (or finish) a work-out?

Your pump-it-up playlist is like steroids on steroids.

Try to imagine aerobics without a beat cheering you on! Rock and roll helped me reach that elusive state of ‘euphoria’ twice. (once I made it on my own while running from bees). But real work-out queens swear by it.

This is the point: Music influences our emotions in a powerful way.

Look at history. Instruments were used before battle to incite courage and valor in soldiers. Musicians were called upon to soothe Kings, incite joy, and rouse celebrations.

Today is no different. Music is a marketing sedative to calm shoppers and entice them to linger in stores longer. Surgeons and Dentists put on tunes to de-stress clients and calm their apprehension. Spas utilize soothing sounds as relaxation triggers.

And what’s a party without a playlist? It’s like skiing without snow.

A study, by “Jolij and Meurs”, which was published in the Psychology Department of the University of Groningen, concluded that music has a dramatic effect on our perception.

“Our research results suggest that the brain builds up
expectations— (with music) not just on the basis of experience

but on your mood as well.”


Music to inspire and motivate
Music can change our mood and make us feel rock and roll good within minutes.


Sooooo our mind’s perceptions can be influenced by our mood.

That’s great news!


Because our mood can be manipulated by music and that, in turn, influences our mind.

Rogers and Hammerstein famous lyrics explain the phenomenon well.

“Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect
And whistle a happy tune, so no one will suspect
I’m afraid…And every single time, the happiness in the tune convinces
me that I’m not afraid.”

If you want to be cheered, motivated or inspired, put on music!  It’s a quick and effective fix.  Within minutes you can better your disposition, find a happy spot or embolden your actions!

And always have some playlists ready to go.


music relax, destress.
Music to relax, workout, inspire, infuse.


Make several.

One for a pick-me-up, one to de-stress, one to inspire, and one to rock out your exercise session.

Isn’t it nice that there’s such an easy fix to changing your mood to ‘happy’?


And in case you need a good start, here’s a limited time deal on some great earphones!

These are a great valuo.

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10 Replies to “Do This And Feel Better Instantly! Soothing Help Fast!”

  1. Taylor oldman says: Reply

    I listen to soft music when I am under stress and it clams me down. The type of music that yoga classes and massage therapist use. 👍

  2. Music is one of my healing tools when feeling down. Love your post!

  3. Very interesting and helpful post! Really liked the tips shared in this article. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for visiting John!

  4. I love this post. Music is definitely motivating. I have my running playlist to prove it, full of upbeat, fast songs! Then there is my daily playlist that I sing to really loudly in the car. Also, when I hear old songs, it brings back memories and this can often be motivating as well.

    1. Thanks Jenny! We love that you love the information. I think the best place to sing loudly is definitely the car! You can sing at the top of your lungs and the acoustics are great. If the music is super positive, its sort of like affirmations with a beat!

  5. I love music and this just reminds me so many things!! Great post!!

    1. Thanks Keerthanavrd. Its true, Music does emotional time travel like nothing else. It’s a two edged sword though it can take you to sad times too.

  6. This is a wonderful post! I always use music to motivate me when I have a load of work to do. And it works just like magic! When I listen to music, I feel as if I have received some supernatural energy from the universe!

    1. Well put Jennifer! Anything that can change our feelings and mood that quickly…does seem to have a super power. Thanks for stopping by!

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