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We’ve listed some great products on the links below. These selections are tried and true and some of the best ‘value’ buys online.  Shopping isn’t our favorite pastime…so we like to cut through the fuss to items that are worth it. Click the blue letters below and if you don’t like what you see…it’s okay. We understand. Keep shopping then let us know what you DO find and recommend! We love new discoveries on Amazon!

For our dog-loving friends…

Best Dog Harness Ever

Best Leash Ever

Toughest Long-lasting-chew-proof Fetch Balls

I own an American Staffordshire Bulldog (Brad Pitbull) and a very athletic Doberman (Tosca). Although they’re adorable with our friends, they’re not so lick-your-face with folks they’ve never met. So, when we’re on walks, they need to be secured and easy to control (the people we pass, appreciate this too). This neon harness is awesome because its durable and has great features, including both a front and back lead (this keeps my arm in the socket if a pigeon suddenly lands in front of us). They’re happy, I’m happy, and the bird flies away to see another day. It also orange neon and glows at night for safety. When I discovered this harness 7 years ago, it was over $40.00. I agonized about purchasing such a high-priced harness, but once I made the leap, I’ve never looked back. Now, for whatever reason, it runs less than 25.00! So if you want a happy, uneventful stroll, its your best choice!

Best Ever Nose-hair Trimmer 

Someday styles might change and ample nose-hair might be considered awesomely attractive (who started this painful hairless trend anyway?) But until that time of enlightenment arrives, we recommend using this Cadillac of hair trimmers. It keeps this grooming chore as painless and quick as possible. Lifetime replacement and LED light included.  

Best Kitchen Scissors

Best Hand Mixer

We love anything that saves time in the kitchen. Who wants to chop when they can snip? Not us. They’re not the cheapest kitchen scissors, but they’re the best. 

We’ve also added our favorite hand mixer (use it to make easy, guilt-free mayo). 

Our Favorite Argon Oil Shampoo

Argon Oil For Hair Growth

Just google Argon oil and you’ll find a plethora of articles spouting its benefits. From transforming a tumbleweed mane into waves of shimmering gold to scalp stimulation and hair growth….and somel without a conditioner. Save time and still have great healthy hair? Works for us!

Teeth Whitener That Makes No Sense But Works

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Charcoal that makes teeth white? It’s a scientific phenomenon that we just don’t get. But, it’s true! Just look at the 18,000 reviews! Try the toothpaste too. It’s pricy, but a little bit goes a long way. 

Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Best Electric Pressure Cooker

Like to save money with fast yet healthy home cooking? Then learn the art of cooking with a pressure cooker! Have quick, nutritional meals that make even the snootiest grandmother proud. Read the directions and there’s nothing to fear! Electric pressure cookers are recipe-failproof. But stovetop pressure cookers have our heart because they’re so stinking FAST.

Here’s what to cook to make your pressure cooker worth its weight in gold. 

  • Refried beans. They’re beyond great in a pressure cooker! And no ‘refried’ needed. Once cooked use your hand mixer to cream them up with 1/4 cup of milk. Yummier than any restaurant!
  • Apple sauce. Add cinnamon and cut that sugar to almost nothing! So much healthier… and just as tasty.                                                                                                                                         
  • Stews and soups. Come on! There’s no comparison. The nutrients are trapped inside along with amazing flavors!
  • Meats, chicken. Want some tasty ribs, wings, or brisket? Steam them in a pressure cooker first. So juicy and tender!
  • Pumpkin. Real homemade pumpkin pies without all the time-consuming fuss. The soup is amazing too.

Best Lantern for Outdoor Living

12 in 1 Camp scissors for less than $6.00 

Best Rated Camp Chair

Best Travel Towel

If you want to customize your campsite into your private safari wonderland, there’s no better place to begin than on Amazon. Although we haven’t purchased all the items listed above, we’d like to!  

Thanks again for stopping by and testing our product links! We deeply appreciate your time to visit us. If you like our selections or know of other great Amazon buys, please drop us line. We’d love to hear from you!

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