What You Need In A Disaster!

Girl looking at a natural disaster fire

Fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, landslides, severe storms, unforeseen attacks, and riots. Images of these catastrophes flash through our minds.  YIKES. Naturally, we ask ourselves, “Can this really happen to me?” That’s a smart question. And if you’re nodding your head yes, you should continue reading because preparation is everything! I’ve survived two […]

Buy These Five Products On Amazon And Save Big!

Girl happy for saving money on amazon.

    We like Amazon. Amazon’s the future. Amazon is huge. Amazon makes everything easy. Amazon even seems to care. How can you fight that? Even if it’s really a giant fire-breathing conglomerate? Sure, we wish there was still a family store on the corner…like in the movies…or in small-town-Mayberry. But those days are gone. […]