6 Famous People Say Visualization Will Work For You!

Visualization is an insanely powerful tool of influence! It’s racked up a huge following of believers with some very hard-core devotees. Have you heard of the book called, The Secret? It’s sold over 19 million copies worldwide. It teaches that if you concentrate on something you desire–with a sincere conviction– that you’ll receive it. The […]

Big Reasons You Need For Positive Thinking

      Positive thinking is the emotional twin of happiness. Positive thinkers are very happy people. And happy people are very positive thinkers. Successful people have always raved about the power of positive thinking. Positivity can launch our success faster than the Millennium Falcon. It keeps us inspired, motivated and fuels our progress. Our […]

Affirmations Launch Your Success! Best From The Rich And Famous.

“Do you believe in affirmations?” “I’m not a mirror-talker,” I reply. But if I was to be honest, I’m full of affirmations. Especially in the shower and kitchen.   http://   Some of my favorites? “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” by Bobby McFarron. “Just Do It.” Big thumbs up to Nike for that one! “Keep going…you’re […]