Buy These Five Products On Amazon And Save Big!

Girl happy for saving money on amazon.



We like Amazon. Amazon’s the future. Amazon is huge. Amazon makes everything easy.

Amazon even seems to care.

How can you fight that? Even if it’s really a giant fire-breathing conglomerate?

Sure, we wish there was still a family store on the corner…like in the movies…or in small-town-Mayberry.

But those days are gone.

Neighborhoods don’t have ‘shops down the lane’ anymore. They’re all online. Everyone’s selling their wares on the largest Market place in the world.

And yes. That’s Amazon.

Mom and Pops are all over on Amazon. It’s like Mayberry RFD meets Las Vegas…

And then flies to Bangkok.

So we’re not fighting the future anymore.  

Instead, we joined the crowd, boarded the plane and searched for Amazon’s best deals on products we use. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful.


Our Discoveries!


There’s some good deals there if you look for them.. like this 5 tool combo set… It includes both a reciprocating and circular saws, impact driver, hammer drill, and LED work light. Its much cheaper on Amazon than at Home  Depot.                             




GREAT DEALS ON KEURIG K-Cup refills! Yikes! What a great price difference on Amazon!


Original Donut Shop K-pods              Keurig Green Mountain K-cups 






Crest products. We did price comparisons at K-Mart and Walmart and found many Crest items were less expensive on Amazon. Here’s one we spotted! 


Crest 3D White Whitestrips Supreme FlexFit Teeth Whitening  




Sunscreens! And why you’re shopping, look for Neutrogena Products. They’re the #1 sunscreen recommended by dermatologists. My family uses it everyday. Its one of the safest out there! 



Pet Food! Many brands were less expensive than K-Mart. And some less than Walmart. 


Nature’s Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb Meal & Rice. 30lb bag. 

(and don’t forget…Amazon has convenient 2 day free shipping with Prime so your little Bolt doesn’t starve. In our book, this wins)



Sure, shopping has changed. We miss the smiles and personal contact with our  friendly neighborhood stores.

But on the other hand, we like browsing in our pajamas, saving gas, saving money, and of course, saving time. 

We’ll miss you Mayberry RFD!


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  1. Even when I’m in a store and see something, I will pull out my phone and see if I can get it cheaper on Amazon.

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