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Hi fellow problem solvers!

The Five Happy Girls (plus me) find insanely credible insights to make your goals easier to reach.

Problem solving is our specialty!

Learning to learn.

It’s the cornerstone to success.

Staying positive and focused is like a pound of happiness in your pocket.

You can sail a yacht through life or row a boat.

The choice is up to you.

We share life-altering tips with a twist of humor because a laugh inspires. And when we’re not trying to make you smile, we like to fuel your mind with great tips to make your life easier.

(And happy)

We believe you can mold your world until you love it.

Please stay with us by subscribing. Let us work for you!

Remember, smart ideas are free.


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Here’s photos of us crushing problems and celebrating victories on the beach…or us just having fun. Join us!