6 Famous People Say Visualization Will Work For You!

Visualization is an insanely powerful tool of influence!

It’s racked up a huge following of believers with some very hard-core devotees.

Have you heard of the book called, The Secret? It’s sold over 19 million copies worldwide.

It teaches that if you concentrate on something you desire–with a sincere conviction– that you’ll receive it. The universe will deliver this desire to you.

A red bicycle, a new car, a million dollars, your dream mate… It doesn’t matter how tough your wish is. The book promises that “whatever you want… with the law of attraction… it’s yours!”

Absolute surety that the universe will plop your desire in your lap is a must, or forget the whole thing. Oh yes. And a process called visualization is also used.

This visualization includes intense focus on the objects of your desire both mentally and physically. So, besides imagining piles of cash or a Groundhog Day with Dwayne Johnson, you must create ‘vision boards’ jammed with images of  things you most desire.

This helps the universe understand what you want so it can speed the delivery to you.


Hmmm. No wonder this book sold millions of copies.

Can you say, “Genie in a bottle?”

I don’t believe in ‘The Secret’. If it worked, I could sing opera without luring in coyotes. Or join Cirque de Solei as an acrobatic clown. 

Or look like Scarlett Johansson.

Or organize world peace from my house.

Not gonna happen no matter how hard I think about it.

However, I do like certain concepts on which the book is based. Basic truths that have been scientifically proven, but with less hocus pocus.

Proper visionary input can promote positive thinking. Guided focus using mental imagery can alter our behavior, moods, and attitude.  The pictures we post in our minds keep us motived, happy, and disciplined to reach our goals.

In fact, the practice of visualization is used by health specialists in many different fields. Dr. Kadish, a psychologist who uses mental imagery to help his clients says this about visualization and imagery:


“Everyone can use imagery to prepare for all kinds of
situations, including public presentations and difficult


And here’s an AMAZING fact.

Athletes use visualization constantly.


Because it was discovered that when athletes imagine a perfect performance often enough, neural pathways become conditioned to actually achieve what they’ve imagined.

Thus, it’s believed that when a person envisions his success, it will enhance his confidence and motivation so his chances of success can be greatly multiplied.

So yes!

Imagery and visualization are powerful life-changing tools we can utilize for many different things.

Here’s a list of famous people who admit they’ve used mental imagery or visualization to achieve success.

                                                                                                             1. Jim Carrey



                                                                               2. Kerri Walsh and Misty-May Treanor


                                                                                     3. Arnold Schwarzenegger


                                                                                                      4. Oprah Winfrey



                                                                                                           5. Lindsey Vonn



                                                                                                         6. Will Smith


These guys may have different stories but they each hold the conviction that mental imagery worked for them.

Which means, it can work for you.

It all boils down to this.

If it’s free and its proven to be effective, why not try it? What’ve you got to lose?

Whatever your goal may be, imagine yourself reaching it.

The steps you took to get there.

The process.

How you would react afterward.

What it would feel like when you conquered it.

We use external images as well as mental visions every single day. I use them more as mood changers. I’m more productive when I feel my best emotionally. If I want a laugh and get the creative juices flowing, or turn a slump-day into one of inspiration, I use my ‘cheat sheet’.

An extensive collection of amazing photos guaranteed to change my mood for the better and get me moving.  Amazing animals, cute kids, motivational sayings, hugs that make you feel warm all over, funny cats, humor, and so on. 

They work every time.

They’re my Happy Boards. Use them as often as you need to.

Then make some to guide your own universe.




4 Replies to “6 Famous People Say Visualization Will Work For You!”

  1. I think most people use the same practise…..except to the negative. We fill our heads with ‘I can’t do it, I’m no good, I’m a failure…..’ And those neural pathways get built, just like the highway that leads nowhere. What you’ve suggested has such a better outcome doesn’t it?

    1. Hi Debrah! I think you’re right! No one wants to build such negative pathways emotionally or mentally. And yes, positive thinking does wonders in a person’s life. Thanks for the comment!

  2. We use visualization in elite dance training all the time! Great post I love your subtle humor,

    1. Thanks Julie! I can only imagine how necessary it would be in elite dance training! Thanks for comment!

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