6 No Fail Butt-Kicking Helps To Get You Exercising!

Exercise!   As if you those words aren’t flashing like a neon light in your face every day. And billions of dollars later…people are still sitting like lumps of lard on the couch. But why? Exercise is the magical defense for every feared disease that makes headlines. Cancer, arthritis, Heart conditions, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s. Plus, […]

6 Famous People Say Visualization Will Work For You!

Visualization is an insanely powerful tool of influence! It’s racked up a huge following of believers with some very hard-core devotees. Have you heard of the book called, The Secret? It’s sold over 19 million copies worldwide. It teaches that if you concentrate on something you desire with a sincere conviction that you’ll receive it; […]

4 Hints To Be Happy and Content Right Now!

Can you find happiness and contentment? I mean… real happiness and contentment? Absolutely! Happiness is an undeniable human capability that begins at birth. Remember the happy times when you were younger? “Sure,” you sigh wistfully as you recall those care-free days of rainbows and sunshine. “As a kid… it was easy.”   http:// via GIPHY […]

Let Affirmations Launch Your Success! Best From The Rich And Famous.

“Do you believe in affirmations?” “I’m not a mirror-talker,” I reply. But if I was to be honest, I’m full of affirmations. Especially in the shower and kitchen. http:// Some of my favorites? “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” by Bobby McFarron. “Just Do It.” Big thumbs up to Nike for that one! “Keep going…you’re almost there!” […]